July 1st events during the Civil War in Tennessee


Rebs attack Federal forage train at Brentwood.  18 Federals captured, 30 wagons and 150 mules captured too.

> Read account from Thomas F. Perkins, Jr., [Company I, 11th TN Cavalry).


Thomas F. Perkins, Jr., member of Company I, 11th TN Cavalry writes about action at Pulaski.

July 1-2

The occupation of Tullahoma by Union forces brings no joy to Rosecrans, who sees Bragg’s move to a more defensible position on the Tennessee River as a potential trap. Skirmishes at and near Bethpage Bridge, Elk River.


Tennessean Lucy Virginia French writes in her journal that she is reading Adam Bede and Mill on the Floss. She also mentions Adelicia Acklen, who lived in the house “Belmont” in Nashville, became something of a Confederate heroine when she was able to move her cotton crop to New Orleans, run the Union blockade, and sell it for nearly a million dollars in London.

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