7th Alabama Cavalry (CSA)

7th Alabama Cavalry Regiment

The 7th Alabama Cavalry regiment was organized at Newbern, 22 July 1863, raised as part of the brigade of Gen’l James H. Clanton. Recruits came from Greene, Montgomery, Pickens, Randolph, and Shelby counties. Ordered to Pollard, the regiment remained in that vicinity for nearly a year. In the fall of 1864, the 7th reported to Gen’l Nathan Bedford Forrest at Corinth, Mississippi and was reassigned to Rucker’s Brigade.

It took part in the raid on Johnsonville and was engaged in the fighting as Gen’l John Bell Hood moved up to Nashville. The 7th also bore the brunt of the night attack of the enemy at Brentwood, suffering severely in killed and wounded. During Hood’s retreat, the regiment fought daily and nightly, repelling the repeated assaults of the enemy’s swarm of cavalry.

When the 7th reached Corinth, only 64 rank and file (effectives) were left of the 350 with which it began the campaign. After recruiting a few weeks, the regiment joined Gen’l Abraham Buford, at Montevallo, 300 strong. Ordered to West Florida, the 7th reached Greenville, then turned and confronted Union Gen’l James Wilson’s Corps from Benton to Girard, fighting and obstructing his march. At Girard, the regiment was in the line and took part in the last fighting of the great war. It moved by way of Dadeville and Wetumka, and it surrendered at Gainesville, 14 May 1865.

Field and staff officers: Col. Joseph Hodgson (Montgomery); Lt. Cols. Henry J. Livingston (Autauga; resigned); Turner Clanton (Montgomery); Majors Turner Clanton (promoted); Francis C. Randolph (Montgomery); and Adjutant William t. Charles (Montgomery; captured, and escaped).

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12 thoughts on “7th Alabama Cavalry (CSA)

  1. Tom Pilgrim

    We have a release form from a Union POW camp at Talledaga, AL for my great grandfather James M. PIlgrim, (though it says Pilgrim, J.M.) It also says Alabama 7th Cavalry. So he survived the battle at Franklin, Brentwood, etc. But this is the only record we can find of him anywhere. I cannot find a roster for the 7th, and anytime I put in his name in any of the sites I always get back, No Match. Any thoughts about how to find him on a list? I cannot tell how to get in the National Archieves on line.

    1. Phil Derrick

      My Great,Great Grandfather,Z.T. Camp was also in the 7th Alabama Cav. And was a POW at Fort Pickens in Pensecola,Fla. until the end of the war. He would not be pleased to know his great great grandson is a Yankee from Mass.

      1. tom pilgrim

        Phil, thanks for this tid bit of info. While I have a copy of his discharge from the Talladega prison camp I cannot find his name listed anywhere else. By the way he lived in Cherokee County, Gaylesville, AL, and after the war told his wife he was going to water the mule and never came back home, about 1866 or 67. We found out accidently that he went to Texas and had a family there, leaving my great grandma with five kids to raise on her own. That is all we know.

      2. Anonymous

        Z.T. Camp’s daughter was my Great Grandmother.Her husband was my Great Grandfather,George W. Derrick, who served in the Union Army during the Civil War.I think he was from Mo. And moved to Texas after the war. His father in law was a Confederate which led to some good arguments when the family got together,so I am told.

  2. Janelle Hastings

    My Great Grandfather, Joseph Wilson Kerr, was in the 7th Alabama Cavalry, Co M. According to family members he did not talk much at all about his time during the war or about his family from Alabama, so I’m piecing together parts of his life. Not easy but definitely fun and interesting.

  3. Bobby O. Mitchum

    my great grand father,daniel thomas mitchum fought with the 7th alabama cavalry from 1860-1865,i am proud to number him among my ancestors,thank you for having this on the internet.
    Bob Mitchum

    1. Anonymous

      My great,great grandfather served in the 7th Alabama Cav.also.His name was Z.T. Camp. He was a POW,held in Fort Pickens in Pensecola,Fla.

      1. Tom Pilgrim

        My great great grandfather, James M. Pilgrim, from Gaylesville, AL area, Cherokee County, fought with the 7th Alabama Calvary. I have a photo copy of his discharge from POW camp at Talladega, AL, May 24, 1865. But have never been to find his name listed in any lists of soldiers anywhere. Our family tells about this story. Would appreciate any help from anyone with this.

  4. Larry B. Weeks

    I had kin folks who fought with the 7th Alabama Calvary (Owings). If anyone comes across any with this last name I would like to know………………thank you

  5. Jeff Young

    My great great grandfather Orrin Lamon Phillips served in Co A 7th Alabama Calvary. He never mentioned much about except he said “that he rode alot and was on the move always.” I can’t find where he joined at but he lived in Tishomingo County, Mississippi when he joined up. Would really love to know where he joined at.

  6. Jim Steeley

    From Family and Archive info, My GG grandfather, Elba Ingram, of Blount County Ala. joined the Confederate Co. A, 7th Regiment Calvary on June 15, 1863 at Randolph , Ala. He was listed as E. Ingram. He was on the company Muster roll from May, 25 to Oct. 31, 1863. Listed as being “never paid”? Last entry– Listed Pvt. E Ingram as being ” Under Arrest” at Pollard (Porach) Alabama– “no horse”! he never returned home leaving a wife, Elizabeth Hall Ingram with five children. She is buried in Pine Torch Cemetery, Lawrence County Ala.
    Some 20 years ago, I placed a Confederate headstone marker beside her grave marker in Memory of her husband, Elba Ingram.
    ps –From oral family history, Elba was paid by a “rich” man to go to war in his place ??
    Jim Steeley,
    Otto, NC


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