90th Ohio chaplain writes about battles of Franklin and Nashville, Hood’s Retreat

Found on eBay 8/24/20 – https://www.ebay.com/itm/93-Letters-by-a-Chaplain-in-the-90th-Ohio-Infantry/184415581919?hash=item2af00676df:g:02kAAOSwHQVfQspr William C. Holliday, Chaplain in the 90th Ohio Infantry, Co. S Battle of Franklin detail Dec 7-8th, 1864 The 90th Ohio was next engaged during the Franklin-Nashville Campaign in late 1864. In a letter spanning 7-8 December 1864, Holliday writes to his wife about a skirmish preceding the Battle of […]

Chaplain the 90th Ohio Infantry writes of Hood’s retreat and Confederate dead after Franklin

The following letter was retrieved online on October 6, 2018 (Cowan’s Auction) William C. Holliday (1838-1921) was born in Adams County, Ohio. The Minutes of Ohio Annual Conference of Methodist Episcopal Church described him as a “local preacher” as early as 1855. Holliday enlisted on December 21, 1863, as a chaplain and was commissioned into […]

Hood’s Retreat – December 17, 1864

On the night of December 16th, the Confederate rear guard under Lieutenant General Stephen D. Lee camped about seven miles north of Franklin. The soldiers were weary and poorly supplied as in their rush to retreat from Nashville, many had abandoned their equipment and muskets along the way. On the rainy morning of December 17th, […]

12th TN Cav Lt Col involved in Hood’s Retreat

Charles C. Huefling was 29 years old when he enlisted. He was commissioned into Field & Staff at 1st Lt., on 1/11/1864 of the 12th Tennessee Cavalry (U.S.).  He saw promotions to Major on 3/24/1864 and Lt Col on August 16, 1864. He also saw service in Company M, 4th US Army Cavalry. Huffing saw […]