New exhibit coming to Carnton in mid November

“Hoofbeats in the Heartland: Civil War Cavalry in Tennessee”  – a traveling exhibit with the Tennessee State Museum, will be coming to Carnton Plantation in mid November. The web site says:

Presented by the Tennessee State Museum and the Tennessee Civil War National Heritage Area, this traveling exhibit will be at Carnton in November and December of 2011. Tracing mounted warfare throughout Tennessee from 1861 to 1865, this exhibit explores the impact of war on the small communities as well as the large cities. Topics covered include military occupation, spies, guerillas, and highlights on major battles.

Funded in part by a grant from the Tennessee Civil War National Heritage Area, the traveling exhibition opened at Travellers Rest Historic House Museum in June of 2007 and continues to travel across Tennessee through the early part of 2010.

Drawing upon artifacts, photographs, drawings, and art from the collection of the Museum, the exhibition explores seven thematic areas: (1) Leaders (commanders such as Nathan Bedford Forrest, John Hunt Morgan, Samuel Carter, and John Wilder), (2) Troopers, (3) Horses and Mules, (4) Occupation and the home front, (5) Spies, Scouts, Partisans and Guerillas, (6) Battles in Tennessee, and (7) the Legacy. Each section includes photos, graphics, and artifacts explaining the role of mounted warfare during the Civil War era.

Due to mounted warfare, the home front often became the battle field as mounted soldiers skirmished on the streets of Memphis, Murfreesboro, Greeneville, and hundreds of towns and communities across the state. Indeed, every county of the state felt the impact of Union and Confederate cavalry thundering across the state as part of a raiding party, occupation force, or guerilla band. Each community had its unique experience with Civil War cavalry forces and the State Museum has encouraged each venue hosting the exhibition to develop a local history component to compliment the traveling exhibition.

For more information contact Myers Brown, Curator of Extension Services, at 615-741-2692 or by email at

1 thought on “New exhibit coming to Carnton in mid November

  1. Tammy

    Thanks Kraig for the information. Could you please keep us posted as to the exact dates and time the exhibit will be shown? Would love to try to get up to Franklin to see it.


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