CBS to broadcast a Sunday Morning segment focusing on Franklin Civil War Sites: featuring local author Robert Hicks

U P D A T E : 9:45 CST, Sunday, April 17th

Robert Hicks just posted on his Facebook page the following regarding the running of the CBS segment:

was informed yesterday that the story ran quite long & they simply didn’t have time in this week’s broadcast to accommodate it. Rather than make draconian cuts, they decided to wait until next Sunday (Easter Sunday) to air the piece. Stay tuned; we still have 4 years, minus this past week, to commemorate the American Civil War.

According to the Battle of Franklin Trust:

CBS Sunday Morning Segment Featuring Robert Hicks and Battle of Franklin Trust Sites

Robert Hicks, far right

Robert Hicks, the author of The Widow of the South and A Separate Country, will be featured on a CBS Sunday Morning segment about Why the Civil War Matters to Southerners. The segment is scheduled to air Sunday morning, April 17. Please check your local listings for the exact air time.

The segment was filmed in Charleston and other locations around the South with a full day of filming in Franklin at Carnton Plantation and The Carter House. The crew also shot some footage at the Domino’s Pizza site, which is now being purchased for battlefield reclamation.

This is the third time Robert Hicks has been featured on CBS Sunday Morning. He was featured first in September of 2005, soon after the release of The Widow of the South. Several years later, Hicks reappeared on the show after he joined a team of authors to fight to save the Mark Twain House in Hartford, Connecticut from closing.

In the field of historic preservation, Hicks has served on the Boards of Historic Carnton Plantation, the Battle of Franklin Trust, the Tennessee State Museum, The Williamson County Historical Society, and the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts. Hicks is founding chairman emeritus of Franklin’s Charge: A Campaign for the Reclamation and Preservation of Franklin’s Historic Battlefield. Jim Lighthizer, president of the Civil War Trust, said “There is no close second in any community in the nation to match the success of Franklin’s Charge in preserving and reclaiming the battlefield at Franklin.”

Please support Robert Hicks and The Battle of Franklin Trust by tuning in to CBS Sunday Morning on April 17.

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