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Sam Watkins’ (Company Aytch) Great Granddaughter to speak at December 14th meeting.

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Sam’s Great Granddaughter to speak at December 14th Franklin Civil War Round Table meeting.

Ken Burns, known for his famous PBS historical series, said the “only thing better than Sam Watkins (author of Company Aytch) is more Sam Watkins”.  The Franklin Civil War Roundtable is proud to present Ruth Hill McAllister, Sam’s great granddaughter, at our December 14th meeting. She will discuss how she found some of Sam’s original notes and finished her own edition of his famous book.  Company Aytch is a first hand account of Sam Watkins as he fought with the Army of Tennessee.  His folksy, birds eye view of the common soldier’s life has endured as a popular Civil War masterpiece since it was first published in 1882.

McAllister will share with us family stories of Sam and the events that led her to Watkin’s once lost notes.  Come prepared to pick up a copy of this classic work’s latest edition.

Plan to join us December 14, three PM at the Williamson County Public Library.