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Civil War Pen and Watercolor Drawing of Plantation House that Served as General Ruger’s Headquarters at the Battle of Franklin, Tennessee sells at auction for just $646.00

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 9.35.33 PM

Auction listing: Pen and watercolor on paper, titled in the work Hd Qrs, Brig. Gen. T.H. Ruger, Com’d’g 3rd Brig. 1st Div. 12th Corps / Tullahoma, Tenn., 1864.


Descended Directly in the Family of General Thomas H. Ruger

Source: Cowan’s Auction, June 2014

Where does the new ‘Holt property’ fit into the layout around the Carter House?

The new Holt property that was recently purchased by Franklin’s Charge is a strategic cornerstone in being able to properly interpret key action during the Battle of Franklin, especially around the Carter cotton gin area. The following map places the Holt property in its strategic context to the overall layout of the land.

Author-historian, Eric Jacobson, talks about the Battlefield of Franklin action centered on recent land acquisition in Franklin

Eric A. Jacobson, Carnton historian, and author of the best-selling For Cause and for Country, spoke on Friday, June 19th, 2008, at the Franklin’s Charge press conference. He gave great detail on the action between the Federal and Rebel soldiers on the very site of the property that was just purchased by Franklin’s Charge. It is believed that the epicenter of the Battle of Franklin took place precisely on this spot.