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Dr. Glenn W. LaFantasie delivers well-received talk on Grant

Historian, author and Professor Glenn W. LaFantasie from Western Kentucky University delivered a crisp and insightful talk today at the Franklin Civil War Round Table to about 80 members and guests in Franklin today.

Dr. Glenn Fantasie lectures at the FCWRT on June 11, 2011.

LaFantasie is a noted historian and author on the Gettysburg campaign (see Twilight at Little Round Top and Gettysburg Heroes) but Professor LaFantasie has turned his focus of late toward the Western Theater of war now that he is The Richard Frockt Family Professor of History Associate Professor of History at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky. WKU hosts The Center for the Study of the Civil War in the West from their campus.

LaFantasie’s talk today centered on the “Mystery of Grant”.  He is working on a manuscript focusing on Grant and Lincoln presently. His talk on the mystery of Grant centered on Grant’s somewhat quiet personality. LaFantasie said that Grant was a real mystery to many people, including to himself. But when one examines Grant’s record at Shiloh one is able to conclude that Grant’s real mystery is rooted in the Union General’s intuition or gut, displayed in his bold decision to continue the fight against the Rebel army at Shiloh on day two, even though the Reb Army got the best of the Union forces on day one.

Professor LaFantasie has also authored Gettysburg Requiem: The Life and Lost Causes of Confederate Colonel William C. Oates.

I will be adding some video excepts of Dr. LaFantasie’s talk very soon. Check back.