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Domino’s Strip Mall will Soon Be Demolished (2012) – [Watch] | 2nd video

Franklin’s Charge, 2012 News Conference – [Watch]

Holt House and Franklin Federal Line (before removal), 2010 – [Watch]

View of Carter House Office and Smokehouse, showing original battle damage – [Watch]
Video two

Cotton Gin Action, Franklin’s Charge, 2008 – [Watch]

Robert Hicks, Franklin’s Charge Press Conference, June 2008 – [Watch]

Carter Garden Ceremony, Thomas Cartwright, April 2010 – [Watch]


Bloodstains on the Floor – [Watch] | Clip two |

McGavock Confederate Cemetery

Go to their Graves Like Beds, Music Video – [Watch]

Going Home, Music Video – [Watch]

Shenandoah, Music Video – [Watch]

Amazing Grace Bagpipes at 2011 McGavock CSA Cemetery Memorial [Watch]

Widow Mrs Pleasant Hope (Living History), 2010 speech – [Watch]

8th Georgia Regimental Band, Amazing Grace, 2010 – [Watch]

Historian Thomas Flagel, 2009 Illumination Ceremony – [Watch]

2008 Blue-Gray Days – [Watch]

Fort Granger

360 degree pan starting in SE bastion [Watch]

Eric Jacobson – Historian, CEO, Battle of Franklin Trust

Franklin’s Charge, 2012 News Conference – [Watch]

Casualties among Confederate Commanders? [Watch]

The Confederate Generals who Died at Franklin? [Watch]

Hood’s Charge at Franklin in It’s Historical Context? [Watch]

Jacobson speaks at the 144th Anniversary – [Watch]

Jacobson speaks at 146th Anniversary, 2010 – [Watch]

Cleburne is Brought to Carnton – [Watch]

Next Day for Carrie McGavock – [Watch]

Cleburne and Spring Hill – [Watch]

Caring for the Carnton Wounded, 2008 – [Watch]

A.P. Stewart’s Corps at Franklin, 2008 – [Watch]

Cleburne’s Proposal, 2008 – [Watch]

Thomas Cartwright

Action Around the Cotton Gin – [Watch]

Action in Front of the Carter House – [Watch]

Cartwright speaks at 146th Anniversary, 2010 – [Watch]

Unknown Solider Reburial | 2009

Clip one [9:45] | Clip two [3:47]

Union and Confederate Sons Meet for First Time – [Watch] | Clip two |
[Harold Becker and CSA Son James Brown, Jr., 2009]

Elegy: Franklin’s Fields of Glory, Robin Hood, 2009 – [Watch]

Pall-Bearers Escort Casket out of St. Paul’s, 2009 – [Watch]

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