James L. Cooper served in the 20th Tennessee Infantry, Company C, with Tod Carter, his best friend

James L. Cooper son of Washington Cooper of Nashville and friend of Tod Carter. Both were members of the 20th Tennessee Infantry which fought at Franklin. Image courtesy of Historic Foundation of Williamson County. He enlisted Oct 7, 1861 for a period of 12 months. Records show he was taken prisoner on Jan 19, 1862 […]

Tod Carter died December 2nd, 1864; in his own home

Tod Carter March 24, 1840 – December 2, 1864 Tod Carter was returning home to his native Tennessee and native Williamson County with the Army of Tennessee in the fall of 1864, with his fellow soldiers in the 20th Tennessee Infantry (C.S.A.). He was mortally wounded at the Battle of Franklin (30 November 1864) on the […]