63rd Indiana soldier – Ewing – provides vivid diary-account of action on Eastern Flank at Franklin

Diary entry of A.L. Ewing, Captain, 63rd Indiana Infantry November 30, 1864 Wednesday at Franklin, Tennessee Early dawn found the head of our weary columns fleeing into Franklin.  Just after we passed Spring Hill our wagon train was attacked by Rebel cavalry   and several wagons burned.  The headquarter guards with the train had quite a […]

Photo gallery from first public viewing of property known as Loring’s Advance

As I recently mentioned, the first-ever access or viewing of the reclaimed Franklin battlefield property – Loring’s Advance – was this past Saturday, the 5th. I attended the celebration with numerous other people. This property is land-locked behind several homes near Adams Street. Why is this land important to the battle of Franklin story? A […]

63rd Indiana Infantry A.L. Ewing writes about action at Franklin

The 63rd Indiana Infantry was positioned on the far left Union flank. His unit faced the onslaught from Confederate troops commanded by Generals Scott and Featherston. The following excerpt is from Captain A.L. Ewing, 63rd Indiana, on what his men experienced at the Battle of Franklin on November 30, 1864. The Rebs fought desperately. Colonels […]

63rd Indiana soldier (A.L. Ewing) remembers Franklin 25 years later

A few weeks ago I blogged about a newly discovered letter from Addison Lee Ewing, Captain of Company I of the 63rd Indiana [read the post]. I’ve been doing more research on Ewing and the 63rd Indiana. One quite interesting discovery is this.  On November 30th, 1889 – on the 25th anniversary of the Battle […]

Imagine how holographic technology could transform the way we “see” a Civil War battlefield today

Companies like Microsoft, Google and Apple are working diligently to mainstream holographic technology for the average user.  Watch this very cool video.  Imagine standing in front of a modern shopping mall that was a former Civil War battlefield and being able to see what the original battlefield looked like?  That’s not all.  Holographic technology will […]