B R E A K I N G . . . N E W S . . . Civil War Trust purchase of Domino’s strip is finalized.

According to Greg Wade, a board member of Franklin’s Charge: The final documents have been filed!  The Civil War Trust is now the official owner of the “Dominos” strip center, former site of the Carter Cotton Gin.  The Trust has partnered with Franklin’s Charge to make this a reality.    While it will take time, the building will eventually be […]

Challenge to all my blog readers to help support the purchase of the Domino’s strip mall so the Franklin community can re-build the cotton gin

I’ve been blogging here for over six years now. Thousands of people follow my blog, around the world. I want to challenge everyone who loves the Franklin story (read Why Franklin Matters) to make a donation toward the reclamation of the land where the original Carter cotton gin once sat, which is now a soon-to-be-demolished […]

Domino’s Pizza site in Franklin will soon be restored to battlefield condition, circa 1864

In late November (24th)  the Franklin historical preservation community welcomed the news that the Tennessee Department of Transportation had offered a $960,000 gift to help toward the purchase of the property where the strip mall and the Domino’s Pizza restaurant sits just north of Cleburne St and Columbia Avenue. The gift means that roughly half of the […]

Book a Tour

Franklin Civil War Tours There are many ways to enjoy Civil War Franklin and the related battlefield sites. A popular way is to spend one full-day and just hit the more popular sites, i.e., the three historic homes. This is an ideal tour if you like the docent-experience and you want more of a template-approach […]

Franklin preservationists will celebrate a major victory on Wednesday at 2:30 pm

This Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 CST Battle of Franklin preservationists and enthusiasts will gather at the site of the Carter cotton gin site behind the Domino’s to celebrate the official purchase of the Domino’s and strip mall property where the epicenter of the Battle of Franklin was fought. I’ve blogged on this many times. Speakers […]