65th Indiana Lt.-Col. Edward Adams Baker writes of Confederate General John C. Adams’ death at Franklin

Lieut.-Col. Edward Adams Baker, of the Sixty-fifth Indiana infantry, who witnessed the death of General Adams at Franklin, obtained the address of Mrs. Adams many years after the war and wrote to her from Webb City, Mo.  This letter appeared in the Confederate Veteran of June, 1897, an excellent magazine of information on Confederate affairs, […]

Description of death of Brig.-Gen. John Adams at Franklin

Brig.-Gen. John Adams, of Tennessee, was killed* after leading his command up to the enemy’s main line of works. Gen. Jacob D. Cox says of him: “In one of the lulls between these attacks, when the smoke was so thick that one could see a very little way in front, the officers of the line […]

Chaplain the 90th Ohio Infantry writes of Hood’s retreat and Confederate dead after Franklin

The following letter was retrieved online on October 6, 2018 (Cowan’s Auction) William C. Holliday (1838-1921) was born in Adams County, Ohio. The Minutes of Ohio Annual Conference of Methodist Episcopal Church described him as a “local preacher” as early as 1855. Holliday enlisted on December 21, 1863, as a chaplain and was commissioned into […]