One thought on “Jacob Dolson Cox, CDV

  1. I have written to you before about my gg Uncle Charles F Moran who fought in the Battle of Franklin. I have a few more questions about his out come in life. He served in the Mo 2nd and 6th from St Clair, County, under Capt John Weidermeyer. You might remember what information that I gave you earlier. According to Fold3 and the Mo Archives Charles was wounded at Franklin and died on or about December 3 1864 from those wounds. His records further state that he had been captured and was on his way to a prison camp in Louisville. If those records are correct then would he have been traveling by train or steamboat? If by steamboat would they have thrown the body over board in the river and would there be records stating that or would they have buried him somewhere? If there are records where would the records be located? If there is a notation on his record stating the above do you think I might find his resting place? I know that new records are loaded on the computer daily. That’s why I keep looking and keep asking. Thanking you for your time and assistance, Joy A Sweigart

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