Col Thomas W White, Co K, 9th Mississippi; fought at Franklin

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Sharp’s men desperately attempted to make some additional headway, but it was to no avail. Col. William H. Bishop, commander of the consolidated 7th/ 9th Mississippi Infantry, was killed as were Pvts. Benjamin Wade, James Kenney, and Daniel McGill, all of whom were members of the 10th Mississippi Infantry. Cpl. A. S. Weatherall of the 41st Mississippi was also killed and so was Pvt. Henry Wilson of the 44th Mississippi. Capt.

Jacobson, Eric A. (2013-11-01). For Cause and Country: A Study of the Affair at Spring Hill & the Battle of Franklin (Kindle Locations 8055-8058). O’More Publishing. Kindle Edition.

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The Bardstown Civil War Museum


2 thoughts on “Col Thomas W White, Co K, 9th Mississippi; fought at Franklin

  1. May I also add that Captain Samuel B. Watts of Company H, 10th Mississippi Infantry was taken prisoner that day and removed to Johnson’s Island, Sandusky Bay, Ohio and the Confederate Officer prison there. He was released in June, 1865. Source: http://

  2. That uniform has certainly been lovingly, well-taken care of. After reading this, I found Col. White on Find A Grave, and others may be interested in seeing this:
    My 3rd great-grandfather Samuel A. Farmer of Company A, 39th Mississippi was killed in the Battle of Franklin and is buried at McGavock Confederate Cemetery. I hope to visit there one day. Excellent blog; I enjoy reading your posts – thanks!

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