What is your Battle of Franklin literacy?

I recently surveyed over 3,000 people about their experience with tours of the Franklin battlefield and related sites.

Here’s the first question with results:

The kind of Battle of Franklin Tour I’m interested in would be for someone who . . .

  • Is a beginner really, doesn’t know much about the battle (14%)
  • Is familiar with Franklin but can’t go too deep on the details (23%)
  • Is fairly knowledgeable already, and is looking to extend their knowledge beyond the average person (36%)
  • Is already quite well-versed on the Franklin story, but would really like a deep-dive into a couple special areas (27%).

Interesting that some 37% are basically newbies to just familiar with the battle, and 63%consider themselves fairly knowledgeable to well-versed. Shows that this Facebook group has a large percentage of people who consider themselves fairly knowledgeable about the battle. 

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 12.15.43 AM

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