Imagine how holographic technology could transform the way we “see” a Civil War battlefield today

Companies like Microsoft, Google and Apple are working diligently to mainstream holographic technology for the average user.  Watch this very cool video.  Imagine standing in front of a modern shopping mall that was a former Civil War battlefield and being able to see what the original battlefield looked like?  That’s not all.  Holographic technology will allow the user to see the troops movements and action on that spot too.  We’r not too far from this being reality for the heritage community.

Though very rudimentary, the City of York has launched the first-ever hologram tour app for the smartphone. It’s in the iTunes store now.

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 12.05.10 AM

Museums may offer holograms featuring famous figures relaying stories, narration and commentary about relevant displays and exhibits. Instead of just viewing a spectacular piece of artwork, imagine watching as the artist describes his or her creation and offers insight into its inspiration.

Reality augmented sightseeing goes way beyond just educating visitors about the history and culture of a city. It actually immerses them into the environments of years gone past and offers them the chance to witness significant events that shaped the city or region.

Reconstructed images of long-gone historic landmarks superimposed on their original sites give visitors the feeling they have travelled back in time. They can watch the evolution of a city’s skyline over time and see how it looked at different times throughout history.


Examples of museums (or similar) using holographic technology:

  • The Gerald R. Ford Museum – take a holographic tour of the Ford White House.
  • Sailor’s Creek Battlefield State Park – Exhibits also features state-of-the-art holographic storytellers and artifacts native to the battles of Sailor’s Creek.

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