New book on Gen Jacob Cox out

My blog readers may want to check out this new book on Gen Jacob Cox by Gene Schmeil.

Cox book

Professor Steven E. Woodworth says this about Gene’s book:

“This is a comprehensive biography of … a very important figure, not only in Civil War military history but also in political and religious matters. This book makes a significant contribution by relating in a thoughtful, analytical way the life and career of one of the most important Ohioans of that era. The author has clearly done his homework, and the text is not only well researched but very polished.”

Steven E. Woodworth, professor of history, Texas Christian University

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One thought on “New book on Gen Jacob Cox out

  1. Just finished it. Nicely done. I remember reading Cox’ writings in Battles and Leaders years ago and have read everything else I can find by him. I think he is one of the most un-biased and intresting historians of his time and this new book does him the recognition and justice he deserves.

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