Reenactment of the Battle of Triune April 12-13th

7th TN Cav (CS) 1Triune was a thriving area of Middle Tennessee prior to the Civil War and was occupiedby Federal troops in January 1863.  There was a battle on Dec 27, 1862 as Confederate brigades under General Braxton Bragg encountered Federal troops on their way to Murfreesboro for what would be the Battle of Stones River a few days later.  After Confederate forces were defeated at Triune, the Federal Army occupied the area and erected fortifications. Between April and June 1863 there were several cavalry skirmishes lead by General Bedford Forrest.  The local people resisted Federal occupation and manywere detained.  Many of the area homes and churches were destroyed by firesduring these military actions of 1863.

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Read an original letter written by a 98th Ohio Infantry soldier, writing from Triune, June 4th, 1863.

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