Where can one find my research/studies related to middle Tennessee and the Battle of Franklin?

I have the good fortune of not having to be a professional historian, meaning, having to publish traditionally in order to put food on the table. I’ve been studying and researching on the American Civil War for over 25 years.  My personal Civil War library is over 10,000 volumes.  I also collect letters, documents, newspapers, some images, etc. I also have a Civil War image library (contemporary photos) that recently passed over 30,000 separate images.

I wish I had the patience and focus to write traditional non-fiction books, but alas, my ADHD keeps me moving, often following fascinating rabbit trails.  These ‘trails’ have resulted in thousands of blog posts, essays, soldier-research files, PowerPoints, lectures, talks.

Scores of these are accessible FREE on ScribD.com/KraigM for your downloading pleasure.  As of April 2014 my Franklin/middle Tennessee ScribD collection has received over 40,000+ downloads/reads.  http://bit.ly/1gREnXy

When one factors in my views to this blog (almost 450,000) and the number of reads/downloads on my ScribD site (91,000+), it becomes obvious why a non-traditional publishing model suits my style of research and publication best.

Here is a partial bibliography of my work:  https://battleoffranklin.wordpress.com/welcome/publisher/resources/

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 10.38.08 PM


I do accept about a dozen or so speaking engagements each year.  I try to keep them to one per month.  I enjoy doing Civil War round tables, conferences, lectures, etc.  If interested in booking me for a talk/presentation please email me at telling history[at]yahoo.com

Here are some of the Civil War subjects I enjoy speaking on:

  • Units, actions or engagements involving middle Tennessee, Indiana, Kentucky and Michigan
  • People like: Irish songster Barney Williams, escaped slave Robert Smalls, Union POW Morris Cooper Foote, Medal of Honor Winners from Tennessee and Michigan, the Civil War service of Lee Ewing (63rd Indiana), random soldier-profiles I have unearthed.
  • Other subjects including: military hospitals in Nashville, poetry and entertainment, Beaufort (SC), and others.

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