Colonel Edward Hatch, 2nd Iowa Cavalry

This image of Hatch was recently sold on Cowan’s. The description read:

An unsigned wartime view of Colonel Edward Hatch, 2nd Iowa Cavalry, no back mark. Edward Hatch (1832-1889) joined as Captain, Co. A, 8/61 and had advanced to Colonel by 6/62. Hatch commanded a brigade during the battle of Corinth and later participated in Grierson’s famous diversionary raid through central Mississippi during Grant’s Vicksburg Campaign. He was severely WIA at Moscow, TN (12/4/63) during raiding operations and was later promoted to Brig. General (4/27/64) on the recommendation of General Grierson. General Hatch commanded a cavalry division against Hood during the Nashville Campaign and sparred with Forrest intermittently in late 1864, earning him a brevet promotion to Major General (12/15/64).

Hatch mustered out of volunteer service 1/66, and re-entered the regular army as Colonel of the all black 9th US Cavalry, 7/66. Hatch was awarded two post-war brevets—Brig. General (3/2/67) for “gallantry” at Franklin, and Major General (3/2/67) for “gallantry” at Nashville. General Hatch retained command of the 9th US Cavalry on the western frontier until his death in April 1889.

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