Help save the 14th Tennessee flag

14th tennessee as version 81311

Issued to the 14th Tennessee Infantry in the summer of 1862, this flag was carried into the works during Pickett’s Charge by Tennesseans from Robertson, Montgomery, and Stewart counties. Held at the U.S. War Department for decades, about 500 captured Confederate battle flags were returned to the former Confederate and border states in 1905. This Richmond Depot flag of the 14th Tennessee Infantry was one of those, and it currently resides at the Tennessee State Museum.

The folks at the State Museum have shown extreme care with this flag – all our flags, actually – over the years. This particular flag exhibits signs of a partial and earlier conservation treatment. But today we find the flag of the 14thTennessee listed by museum staff as among those most in need of conservation. General Robert E. Lee watched this flag advance across the field at Gettysburg, hoisted by men who might never return. Today, 150 years after the beginning of one of America’s defining moments, we implore you to contribute to preserving this piece of cloth – this piece of history. See details on how you can help at

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