Picture of Annie Hope, subject of Capt Pleasant M. Hope’s famous letter

If you’re a serious fan or student of the Franklin story you are no doubt familiar with the famous letter written by Captain Pleasant M. Hope (46th TN) to his daughter Annie.  Pleasant wrote the letter in April 1864 when his daughter was just a few months old.  One of the saddest Franklin stories connected to the November battle, Captain Hope would be killed at Franklin and he never got to meet his daughter Annie.

I’m very excited to offer an actual picture of Annie – as an older woman – which has been generously supplied by a descendant to me.  I’m working on getting a much better copy of it and will share it when I do. Here is the touching letter from Annie’s father to her.

April 25, 1864

It is with pleasure and delight that I write you a few lines, which will be the first letter you ever received, and one too which I hope you will preserve until you can read it.

By the misfortunes of war, I have been separated from your Momma, but by the blessings of God, I hope to soon return to you, never more to leave you, until death shall separate us. My dear and only child, be a good girl, ever love and obey your affectionate Momma, and don’t forget your first letter writer, who has not nor never will forget you, who daily prays to God, in his infinite mercy, to spare, bless and protect you amid the troubles of this world, and should you live to be old, may God bless you and prepare your soul in this life to go to that happy world after death.

Your father,

P.M. Hope

Source: The Carter House Archives

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