Carter House fence then and now

If you’ve driven by the Carter House on Columbia Pike lately you will notice the new fence.  The image below is a post-War picture of a Carter fence. This one is NOT original to the 1864 look.


The new (2012) Carter House fence is similar to the look and style of the one the Carter’s had in 1864.

2 thoughts on “Carter House fence then and now

  1. Bob & Donna Werner

    Next ride down we’ll check it out live. If nothing else it adds a bit of “era” and hominess to the property. After all, it is a family home, always was.

  2. VosburgHotelKeeper

    Looks good! I probably would have restored it as it looks in the ‘before’ photo posted above but the current look does not take away from the feel of the house and property. Job well done!


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