Fellow 175th OH soldier describes wounding of comrade (Garner)

In an affadavit, Sgt. Elias H. Way (Co. E, 175th Ohio) described seeing Garner get wounded in the battle:

When Hood had captured our breast works or battery, the 175 Ohio regiment was some distance back of the works. We had layed down as a resource. I think about fore o’clock in the evening, as near as I can remember, we were ordered to charge and recapture the works. The enemy poured a heavy fire into us. J. Garner was a few feet in advance of me when he was shot on the head and fell on his knees. When he reached back and picked up his hat, I saw that his hat was badly shot. It was a very low crowned block hat. The wound on his head was a little to the right of the center. The ball struck him at the top of the forehead near where the hair commenced and went back to the crown of his head, taking the hair of and breaking the skin so that the blood run freely.

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