July 8, 1861 in Tennessee

Parson Brownlow, writes in the Knoxville Whig of the reported conspiracy to capture him, Andrew Johnson, Thomas Nelson, and others and carry them in chains to Montgomery as traitors to the Confederacy. He bellows,

“Let the fires of patriotic vengeance be built upon the Union altars of the whole land, and let them go where these conspirators live, like the fires of the Lord that consumed Nadab and Abihu, the two sons of Aaron, for presumption less sacrilegious! If we are incarcerated at Montgomery, or executed there or even elsewhere, all the consolation we want is to know that our partisan friends have visited upon our persecutors, certain secession leaders, a most terrible vengeance! Let it be done, East Tennessee, though the gates of Hell be forced, and the Heavens fall!

To learn more: Parson Brownlow, in The Tennessee Encyclopedia of History and Culture.

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