(DVD) Recollections of a Private Confederate Solider – just released

By Thomas Cartwright and Michael Holloway.

Robert Hicks, author of New York Times bestseller The Widow of the South said, “Thomas Cartwright has partnered up with Michael Holloway to give us Sam Watkins Co. Aytch and what a gift it is.  For those of us who have loved ol’ Sam and his Co. Aytch, this is long overdue.  For those who have never read Co. Aytch, it is the best introduction I can think of.” 

Hicks added, “In Sam’s own words, Cartwright movingly retells the story of Sam’s adventures in the service of the South.  It is hard to imagine anyone that Sam would have rather had retell his story.  Added to all of this is the wonderful music that Michael Holloway wrote and performed in accompaniment to Sam’s words.

Cartwright and Holloway have hit this one out of the park.  This CD is a must for anyone who loves the rich history of the American Civil War.” DVD is $24.00 plus shipping and sales tax (for Tennessee residents) .

Order online.


2 thoughts on “(DVD) Recollections of a Private Confederate Solider – just released

  1. …….I wish he had wrote the book when he was much younger. I’m not sure his memory was as good as he thought it was.

  2. The book is great but he did make a lot of errors in dates, times and places. He admitted to a failing memory at the time, but we will be forever grateful for all he wrote! Hell, I can’t hardly remember last week!

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