Cleburne coat to be exhibited in new museum March 31st

The Washington Post announced today that the new Museum of the Confederacy, set to open in late March at Appomattox, will exhibit the coat that Gen Patrick Cleburne wore when he was killed at Franklin. It has never been exhibited before.

UPDATE: I checked with the curator at the MOC in Appomattox. The Cleburne coat they have is NOT the one he was killed in. The frock coat they have did belong to Cleburne though. The Washington Post made that claim without verifying it with the curator.

Frock coat Major General Patrick Ronayne Cleburne, CSA (Katherine Wetzel - THE MUSEUM OF THE CONFEDERACY)

“The new museum galleries will include 22 original Confederate flags—the largest such exhibit ever mounted—as well as the uniform and sword General Robert E. Lee wore at Appomattox, the pen he used to sign the surrender document and the parole he and his staff signed,” according to the Post.

3 thoughts on “Cleburne coat to be exhibited in new museum March 31st

  1. The new museum moc might be interested in a new book Ride With the Assassin by Megan Hardgrave about the Lincoln Assassination/the escape route of his killer John Wilkes Booth as witnessed by a young teenager. Please contact if interested

  2. I believe that eye-witness accounts of the Gen before the battle of Franklin had him wearing a military sack coat and not this coat. Furthermore, the coat has been on display at the Cater house in November of 1989.

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