Franklin soldiers’ early markers were likely wooden

I’ve blogged many times about the McGavock Confederate Cemtery. I’ve taken thousands of pictures over the years too.  I wish I could have walked the rows of McGavock in 1866 to see what the cemetery looked like. No doubt, there were many wooden markers – like the Nix marker from Stone’s River – with the names of the soldiers scribbled for posterity.

Today, about half of the Confederates buried at McGavock are forever unknown to the ages. Certainly not forgotten, but sadly unknown. There were 225 soldiers placed in an Unknown section. Not even their ‘State identity’ is even known.

Another 333 unknowns are spread out in respective State sections throughout the cemetery, their State identity known, but not their names. So, of the total of 1,481 Confederate soldiers buried here, 780 are identified positively. Another 143 graves have some sort of identification, genuine or otherwise.

1 thought on “Franklin soldiers’ early markers were likely wooden

  1. Karen Hebert

    My sister & I visited the McGavock last Sept. For the first time. We found our great, great grandfather’s grave in the Mississippi section. A very, humbling, reflective experience.


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