Confederate Civil War son – James Brown, Sr., – passes away in Tellico Village (TN) at age 99

The Franklin Civil War community was very honored in October 2009 when we reburied the unknown Civil War soldier. I blogged on it extensively. Our community was so fortunate to have three living sons/daughters attend that ceremony. The living Confederate son was James Brown, Sr. Mr. Brown died last week at age 99 near Knoxville. He endured a brief struggle with lung cancer. He would have been 100 on Valentine’s Day. The KnoxNews ran this story.

James Brown, Sr., at the Franklin unknown Civil War soldier reburial in Franklin; October 2009.

My wife and I were able to host Mr. Brown for dinner in 2009. He was a true Southern gentleman with all the charm of Clark Gable. It was a tremendous honor to meet him. When he first walked into my home he pulled four original Civil War bullets from his pocket and gave them to me.  He said he had recently been to Gettysburg where he purchased them. His father fought in the wheatfield at Gettysburg with the 8th GA Infantry.

We will miss Mr. Brown. Leave your comments and I’ll make sure his son receives them. A memorial service is scheduled at Tellico Community Church on February 14, 2012.


2 thoughts on “Confederate Civil War son – James Brown, Sr., – passes away in Tellico Village (TN) at age 99

  1. Greg Wade

    Thanks for letting us know Kraig. I to had the opportunity to meet this spirited and kind man. May he now be in peace
    Greg W


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