Domino’s Pizza site in Franklin will soon be restored to battlefield condition, circa 1864

In late November (24th)  the Franklin historical preservation community welcomed the news that the Tennessee Department of Transportation had offered a $960,000 gift to help toward the purchase of the property where the strip mall and the Domino’s Pizza restaurant sits just north of Cleburne St and Columbia Avenue. The gift means that roughly half of the funds needed to buy the property would be provided by the TDT.

This site is vital and cherished by Civil War preservationists and people who want to see Franklin continue in the momentum of recapturing and reclaiming Civil War battlefield land that was presumably lost forever to development.

The Carter cotton gin originally sat on this location (see below) and on November 30, 1864, it was arguably the epicenter of a horrific engagement between the Union Army led by John M. Schofield and the Confederate Army led by John Bell Hood. There were roughly 10,000 casualties from this Gettysburg of the West battle, with some 1,700+ Confederate soldiers killed.

Members and guests of the Franklin Civil War Round Table, which meets in the new Franklin police department (the second Sunday of each month), were treated with some exciting news tonight (Dec 11th).  

Julian Bibb of Franklin’s Charge announced two additional gifts of $250,000 each. One is from an anonymous donor and the other is from the Civil War Trust.  The $500,000 donation is a challenge, meaning that the entire $500K will be donated toward the cotton gin land if the Franklin community can match the $500K by May 1st, 2012.

This good news comes on the heels of the recent news in which the Civil War Trust and Save the Franklin Battlefield had successfully collaborated on purchasing the five acre parcel known as Loring’s Advance (read more).

The map below shows the site of the strip mall area which is north and adjacent to Cleburne Park.

Once the park is completed the community will have successfully recovered a large commercial area to provide a scenic and appropriate way to commemorate the battle of Franklin.

To learn more about the role of Franklin’s Charge in this project click here.

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