Henry Clay Smith, Co G, 4th TN Cav

Circa 1920 picture of Confederate veteran Henry Clay Smith, Co G, 4th TN Cav from Lebanon, Tennessee.

Henry Clay Smith, from Lebanon, Tenn.

Smith mustered in as an 18 year old in early December 1861. He was a prisoner of war during a part of the war, but records indicate he was released an likely served at Franklin in November 1864 (under Nathan Bedford Forrest / Chalmer’s Division).

His daughter, Corrine Davenport (below), just turned 96 years old and lives in middle Tennessee.

Ms. Corrine Davenport, living Confederate daughter

Henry Clay Smith is buried in Mount Olivet Cemetery.


1 thought on “Henry Clay Smith, Co G, 4th TN Cav

  1. Lori Roberts

    What a sweet smile on such a genteel southern lady. I would love to meet and talk with her. I wonder what stories she heard growing up with a father who fought in the War Between the States/


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