Tintype of John Hartinger, 2nd Iowa Cavalry, fought at Franklin

I recently blogged on  Milton H. Sweet, 2nd Iowa Cav, from Brighton, Iowa.

Another tintype I purchased in the Sweet grouping is of John Hartinger (variant – Hartlinger).

Hartinger was from Eldora, Iowa, when he enlisted at age 23 into Company A with his friend Milton Sweet. Before he left the service Hartinger saw promotions to Corporal and Sergeant. Hartinger was originally from Ohio.

The 2nd Iowa Cavalry fought in many engagements in the Civil War, including Shiloh, Franklin and Nashville. They were significantly engaged in Hood’s retreat on Dec 17th at the Battle of Little Harpeth.

At Franklin, the 2nd Iowa was in Hatch’s 5th Division, 2nd Brigade (Coon), and fought alongside the 6th, 7th and 9th Illinois Cavalry, as well as the 12th Tennessee Cavalry. They were placed on the Union right flank.

Image copyright 2011, The Kraig McNutt Civil War Collection

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