63rd Indiana Infantry A.L. Ewing writes about action at Franklin

A.L. Ewing

The 63rd Indiana Infantry was positioned on the far left Union flank. His unit faced the onslaught from Confederate troops commanded by Generals Scott and Featherston. The following excerpt is from Captain A.L. Ewing, 63rd Indiana, on what his men experienced at the Battle of Franklin on November 30, 1864.

The Rebs fought desperately. Colonels and Generals rode right up to our faces bringing their men in fine style but “blue coats” wouldn’t budge back one inch and there [they] fell victims to their own mad actions. A person could walk over acres of dead stepping on one dead body to another. It was a terrible slaughter . . . There is no quicker way of suffering this war than by having Rebs charge our works when they invariably get whipped.


Letter written by Addison Lee Ewing, 63rd Indiana Infantry, dated December 5, 1864, Nashville.  Original letter is part of the Kraig McNutt Civil War Collection, The Center for the Study of the American Civil War.

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