Sunday, April 10th FCWRT to explore CSA General John Bell Hood

John Bell Hood-Myths and Realities-April 10th

The Franklin Civil War Round Table is excited to present an expert panel to discuss the myths and realities of General John Bell Hood at our April 10th meeting. Some of your current thinking about the positives and shortcomings of this controversial leader may be tested by our panel which has studied the Western Campaigns of the War extensively.

Mr. Sam Hood of West Virginia will be here to challenge many perceptions of the general that have become fact, in some circles. Mr. Hood, a graduate of Marshall University and a Marine Corps veteran, is currently working on a book to counter some of the popular thoughts about General Hood’s battlefield performance as a commander, especially in the Tennessee Campaign of 1864. He has also served on various historical boards including Confederate Memorial Hall ( New Orleans ) and the Blue & Gray Educational Society. Sam Hood is a cousin of General Hood.

Atlanta’s Dr. Steve Davis has written several pieces on the Western Theater including his book, Atlanta Will Fall: Sherman, Joe Johnston and the Heavy Yankee Battalions (2001). He has served as book review editor for Blue and Gray Magazine and has written for other publications such as Civil War Times and the Georgia Historical Quarterly. Dr. Davis received his doctorate from Emory University where concentrated on the Civil War in Southern Literature. His next book, What the Yankees Did to Us: Sherman ’s Bombardment and Wrecking of Atlanta, is to be released next year from Mercer University Press.

Mr. Eric Jacobson is well known in Franklin for his work with the Battle of Franklin Trust as the Chief Operating Officer and Historian. His 2006 release: For Cause & For Country: A study of the Affair at Spring Hill and the Battle of Franklin , has been well received for it’s exhaustive research and detail on the 1864 Tennessee Campaign. In 2007 his fascinating book on the Carnton Cemetery , The McGavock Confederate Cemetery, focused on many of the incredible stories of the cemetery’s development and those interred there. He has a third book scheduled to be released in 2011 about the Ohio and Missouri Regiments at Franklin entitled, Baptism of Fire.

Please plan to attend what will be a lively and informative April 10th Round Table. We begin at 3:00 pm at the Williamson County Library.

There will be a reception immediately following the presentation for Round Table members only. IF you are not a member, sign up April 10th and come join us. Mix and mingle with our panel while seeing the amazing Lotz House.

One thought on “Sunday, April 10th FCWRT to explore CSA General John Bell Hood

  1. I have to agree that Hood is one of the most misunderstood commanders of the war. There is no evidence that he ever took drugs. He made the statement that he rode his horse for miles without the slightest amount of pain. Hood attempted to make the same movements that Lee and Jackson were famous for, but he never had subordinates that could accomplish what Jackson had accomplished for Lee. Tim
    P.S. Great blog Kraig.

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