New Carnton exhibit focuses on Civil War veterans

There is a new exhibit installed at the Historic Carnton Plantation (Franklin) called Remembering Our Bold Defenders: Civil War Veterans. The exhibit runs from March 1 – October 1, 2011.

About 3 million soldiers fought in the American Civil War from 1861-1865; about 2.2 million for the Union and 850,000 for the Confederacy. When the war was over there were about 2.4 million veterans who returned home. Many of these men lived 50-60 years after the war.

The veterans exhibit is a small but classy display of roughly 15 primary items, mostly buttons and badges, as well as some pictures of Civil War veterans and objects. By far, the most interesting object is the Franklin 1914 (50th Anniversary) Register List that was signed personally by roughly 110 soldiers, most of whom were Confederate.

There are also two original uniforms on display.

No photography is permitted and it only takes about 15-20 minutes to peruse the exhibit.

If you’re interested in reading more about Civil War veterans from Williamson County then pick up this book by Rick Warwick from the Williamson County Historical Society:  Williamson County Civil War veterans:  their reunions and photographs. Nashville, Tenn. :  Panacea Press,  2007.

Amazon sometimes has a copy available. Also check Landmark Booksellers in Franklin. You can also order a copy from the WCHS for $20.00, plus $2.50 shipping.

PO Box 71
Franklin, TN 37065

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