Local preservation groups eyes 16 more acres of Franklin battlefield land

A local preservation group – Save the Franklin Battlefield (STFB) – has it’s eyes on 16 acres of Franklin battelfield land that is available for purchase.  This is the same group that helped to arrange the purchase of the Collins Farm property in 2001. The new targeted parcels are close to the Collins Farm property.

Map courtesy of Save the Franklin Battlefield

“We believe this is a truly unique opportunity to purchase undeveloped parcels of this size so near the Federal line. Both of these parcels are near the Federal trench line and are ground that Loring’s division traversed during the November 30, 1864 battle. Loring’s men advanced under heavy canister and musket fire from the main Federal line plus shell-fire from Fort Granger as they climbed over the RR tracks and assaulted this eastern end of the trench line. This is where Adam’s brigade had to shift to the west before charging into the enemy’s trenches,” says the STFB web site.

Map showing the relative position of Loring's advance on the Union left flank.

I think the 5 acres dubbed “Loring’s advance” on the map above could be quite an interesting piece of land.  Loring’s Division, Featherston’s Brigade, came across this swath of land as the Confederates made their charge against the left Union flank which was defended by Col. Israel N. Stiles’ brigade.  Confederate units under Quarles and Adams would have passed over this land under heavy fire from Union artillery position at Fort Granger on November 30, 1864.

The 5 acre plot apparently has no historic structures on it, thus allowing the land to be returned to a pristine state.  Particularly noteworthy is that this large parcel could be excavated for artifacts if desired.

STFB says, “our long term goal would be to place this hallowed ground under conservation easement ensuring its perpetual preservation.”

STFB is in discussion with national preservation groups to help purchase these parcels.

If you’re interested in helping to support this project please contact STFB.

To register a pledge, simply send an email to treasurer@franklin-stfb.org or postal mail a note to:

STFB Treasurer
Box 851
Franklin, TN 37065-0851

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