March 13, 2011 – 3:00 PM – Franklin Civil War Round Table

The Franklin Civil War Round Table meets at 3PM on the second Sunday of each month at the Williamson County Library, 1314 Columbia Ave. Franklin, TN 37064 (Old BGA campus – See map).  Presentations by notable historians and authors cover all aspects of the War.

The Round Table is open to the public. Memberships as well as donations which may be tax deductible are appreciated.

Scenes from Van Dorn play at March Franklin Civil War Round Table
Confederate General Earl Van Dorn was known to be an effective commander of cavalry, but his off duty judgment, or sometimes lack of it, produced plenty of colorful gossip. This is especially true in the spring of 1863 when his well known “liaison” with one of Spring Hill’s most prominent ladies led to one of the most talked about “incidents” of the War.

Dr. Deanne Collins and her cast will present portions of her play, SCATHE: A Civil War Incident in Middle Tennessee, at the March 13th edition of the Franklin Civil War Round Table. Ms Collins (Herself a Round Table member) is an accomplished dancer who once traveled throughout the United States in a national Endowment for the Arts presentation, has been a presenter at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, and has served as an Assistant Professor at Lane College in Jackson, TN. MS Collins, who received her Doctorate from Vanderbilt University, currently writes and directs plays for the Spring Hill Library’s Kidz Kompany.

During this presentation, we will see scenes involving Van Dorn and General NB Forrest, Van Dorn’s eviction from White Hall, the evolvement of his relationship with Jesse Peters and his assassination. This event will have several members of the play’s cast as well as a musical piece. The entire play will be presented by the Spring Hill Historical Commission in early May, the anniversary dates of the events portrayed.

We encourage you to invite anyone who is interested in both history and theatre for this unique Round table Event. The Franklin Civil War Round Table meets at the Williamson Country Library, March 13th. The event will begin at 3:00 PM. We encourage you to arrive early as space will be limited.

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