In Memoriam – Larry Cockerham

Mr. Larry Cockerham, Commander of the Sam Davis Camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, recently passed at the age of 63.  Mr. Cockerham was known for his work in preserving the heritage and honor of his Confederate ancestors. He was also a man with a kind demeanor and sense of humor. His ability to laugh at himself was one of his most endearing attributes. Mr. Cockerham was often seen at memorials for all those who have passed in America’s conflicts.  He was a great patriot and will be missed.

The funeral service will be conducted at Woodbine Funeral Home, 5852 Nolensville Road, Wednesday at 1:30.  Visitation is Tuesday from 2:00 PM until 8:00 PM

Here is a picture of Larry (middle) from the ceremony in October 2009 for the Unknown soldier. Please feel free to posts your comments or thoughts about Larry below.

Sam Gant (left), Larry Cockerham (center), Harold Becker (right)


11 thoughts on “In Memoriam – Larry Cockerham

  1. Ole

    I’ve known Larry for about six or seven years. I’ve met him personally and we did enjoy poking each other about who was the more handsome. Or the eldest. Or who had the most hair.

    He was one of the nicest people most of us on civilwartalk were ever acquainted with. Judicious. Rarely cranky. Always moderate. Always persuasive. And I feel a great loss with his passing.

    A great loss to the community.


  2. Richard McCormick

    Terrible news. I never met him personally, but “talked” with him on a message board and he was always friendly, helpful and polite. He was a “friend” even just through the internet world and I have no doubt he showed the same traits to those he met.

    Rest in peace, Mr. Cockerham.

  3. Richard Young

    I had the chance to meet Larry 5 years ago while working on setting a historical marker at Hoover’s Gap. Since that time we have become good friends even though we lived 300 mile apart.

    We shaired intrest in the Civil War in Middle Tennessee and the retreat from Nashville by the AOT in 1864. Larry will be greatly missed by all of us.

    Until we meet again, rest in peace Larry.

  4. Songbird Cline

    My deepest sympathies go out to the family. Im sorry for their loss.. its a sad loss for the family and the Sons of the Confederacy. I am a proud Daughter of the Confederacy and a DAR. Im proud of Larry for his interest and our southern heritage and helping others learn about America’s true history.

  5. robertajestes

    Larry was my cousin. We met throug our common interests of genealogy and history. He left us far too soon. he had many friends and will be missed by a whole group of us. I just hope he gets to meet all of the ancestors he spent so many years chasing – and gets to know their names too.


  6. Scott Trent

    Tho we never met, he was a kind person to help me and all others when it came to dealing with our families and genealogy….. HE will be missed on the sites and most surely on the NCNR site….. rest in peace dear friend…..

  7. Terry Baker

    I only knew Larry from the Civil War Talk site. I was shocked and saddened to hear of his passing. I went to the visitation and met Darlene, and it was all I could do to keep from weeping. She is a fine lady and I wish her and Shannon all the best.

  8. Nathanb1

    Larry was a true gentleman and a remarkable researcher. He helped me put the Battle of Franklin and the role of my ancestor in clearer focus. He was the person who helped me put together the final pieces of my understanding of that campaign, as well. Finally, he was invariably the person at civilwartalk who defused tense situations and brought a touch of humor to our day. I hoped to get to meet him this summer and was devastated to learn I won’t get that opportunity. We miss his insights, gentle humor and patience ever day. I’m sure he’s avidly visiting with the General and his ancestors right now, finding out the answers to all those questions he had.

  9. Steven Wampler

    I just looked Mr. Cockerham up. He was interested in finding a Civil War ancestor Lenard Hutton, who may be my great-great-grandfather. I’m sorry to see he passed away recently. I’m sorry not to meet him as well, because he sounds like a very knowledgeable person.

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