The bullet that killed Tod Carter at Franklin

Fatal bullet that killed Tod Carter on display at the Carter House in Franklin.


Todd Carter March 24, 1840 – December 2, 1864Todd Carter was returning home to his native Tennessee and native Williamson County with the Army of Tennessee in the fall of 1864, with his fellow soldiers in the 20th Tennessee Infantry (C.S.A.).

He was mortally wounded at the Battle of Franklin (30 November 1864) on the very land his father owned. He was carried from the field and died on December 2, 1864.

Image credit: The Williamson County Historical Society

Todd Carter – Home at Last

“I am almost home! Come with me, boys!
They could hear Tod shout above the noise
Of the cannons’ boom , and shreiking shells,
The exploding bombs, and Rebel yells!

The Battle rages until near midnight;
The women prayed. By dawn’s faint light
They found him lying among the dead;
He was wounded in the charge he led.

He was carried through the garden gate,
While they sobbed in words, compassionate,
“Our sad hearts ached as the long years passed,
Now our brother has come home at last!”

Written by a descendant of Todd Carter, Dr. Roslie Carter.

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