A ‘new look’ at some old pictures

Many of us have grown all too-familiar with seeing certain iconic photos of Tennessee Civil War subjects over the years. I know I have.  So I decided to go back and re-visit some of these images in a different way, with a different eye. I imported some of these familiar photos of Tennessee subjects like Nashville, Chattanooga, Johnsonville, etc., and created new photos from the master by creating 2-3 ‘new’ images from it. I was surprised what I ‘saw” anew and afresh by doing this. Here are some of my edits.  All of these original images are from the Library of Congress Civil War photos division.

We’re used to seeing this picture.

But did you see this?

I known you’ve seen this many times . . .

But did you pay attention to this?

Or this?

This scene of the Nashville capitol has become iconic.

But maybe we’ve missed this?

Another popular image of the Nashville city line.

Another view . . .

And how many times have you seen this?

. . . and missed this?

More to come tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “A ‘new look’ at some old pictures

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