Recent emails from Battle of Franklin descendants

The following emails reflect correspondence sent to me from September thru November 2011


My great-great grandfather Robert Goff (Co. F., 50th Ohio) fought in this battle.   His name and an account is mentioned in the Carter House Facebook, see below.  Would you happen to know the source of this account or know who may know.  Thanks.

My ggreat uncle is supposed to be buried at McGavock Cemetery in section 69, lot 26, Alabama. His name is Robert Allen Croxton.  He died November 30, 1864.  My ggrandfather, Henry Pleasant Yarbrough, was in the 17th Alabama with Robert, who was his brother-in-law.   My ggrandfather survived and stayed behind on the burial team.  When he made it to Tupelo, he was furloughed due to illness.  He was paroled in Montgomery, AL in 1865.
It amazes me that my 19 year old great great grandfather made it back home safely after going through the Atlanta campaign and then the Battle of Franklin.  He lost another brother-in-law from the 17th (Elijah Minter Croxton) at the Battle of Peach Tree Creek. He lost two brothers in other battles, but I’m not sure which since they were not in the 17th Alabama.  An interesting side note is that I had two great great grandfathers (both on my father’s side) fighting against each other in at least one battle, the Battle at Peach Tree Creek.  The other man fought with the 66th Ohio. 

I’ve just recently been able to connect my family to the Battle of Franklin through a book I recently purchased, The Seventeenth Alabama Infantry, A Regimental History and Roster by Illene D. Thompson and Wilbur E. Thompson.   According to the book, the 17th had 76 casualties at Franklin, with four from Company F, my family members’ company.

Thanks so much for your blog and all the information you’ve taken the time to share.  It has helped me so much.  I look forward to the pictures.

Susan Luckie
Montgomery, Alabama


Brigadier General John Adams (wife Georgiana McDougall Adams) was my great-grandfather. I am the grandson of John Adams (Ida Kinsella), his oldest son) and the son (only child) of Charles T. Adams (Dorothy Green). I was raised for the most part in St. Louis. All  of these descendents except for General Adams are buried in St. Louis (Calvary Cemetery). I don’t know much about Brig Gen John Adams except that he was Irish and I am a direct descendant. I would like to visit Franklin, TN, and know more about him to pass on to my sons and daughter. Thank you, Larry Adams

My Grandfather’s grandfather, G.S.W. Bell, died at the Battle of Franklin.  He was in the 29th Mississippi Infantry.

This is known by family tradition and his estate papers found in the Coffeeville, Yalobusha County, MS. courthouse. The estate record indicate he died in November, 1864, which confirms family tradition. Is there any way to add his name to the list that died and buried there??  There was no indication his body was returned to MS.  He had a Powell cousin who also died there, but his body was returned to the family at Adams, Tn. and that is documented.  These are grandsons of the John Bell harassed by the Bell Witch in Adams, TN.

Thanks-I would like to recognize G.S.W. Bell in 2014 on the 150 anniversary for the family.

Thanks.  Sharon Hamilton

Plainview, Arkansas


I thank you for sending me the information on Toliver taylor being buried for sure in the grave yard. With the correct name of Taliaferro Taylor I was able to find out from a museum in Kentucky that he definately was the son of George Taylor the brother of President Z. Taylor. and the grandson of Richard Taylor. It is documented on Find a Grave memorial #3307012 which was also previously documented so I can quit bugging people. A fellow decendent also did a book on the decendents of Richard Taylor complete with pictures of the grave and the cemetary which is so nice. I do know quite a few of them and will encourage them to contact you if you want. Do I just give them this e-mail address? Sallie Hood
I found you on the Battle of Franklin website.  I enjoyed the videos, both wonderful, but I’m a Van Morrison fan.I read that you were working on a map…I was wondering how hard it is to find a particular grave.  I will be bringing my 89 year old Mother to McGavock this month and wanted to find William Allen Martin (her Great-grandfather) of Henry County, VA.  He was a member of Co F, Smith’s Legion  of the 1st Georgia, Partisan Rangers.  On find-a-grave, there is something about “Oak Level” and I don’t know if that refers to an area in the cemetery.  Is there a way to find out where he is located?  I just wanted to cut down on her walking.We would love to catch you and your free 20 min tour!
Medora Johnson
I believe my great=great paternal grandfather was part of this group his name was Basil Harris he lived in tishomingo Misissippi.  He is buried at Bynum cementary. any info or if you can tell me if he fought with your ancestors,He was in the 6th MS. infantry.mY E-MAIL IS rosepetal404210[at]
Linda Harris
I am wondering how much you would charge me to take a picture of A M Laney’s tombstone.  He is in section 25 Mississippi grave 51.  He never got home to see his 4 month old baby.  His wife was left with four small children to raise.  He is my husband’s great freat grandfather.  Do they have anything like this from the battle of Cornith Mississippi.  He had another great grandfather who died from wounds in that battle.  Thank You Mary Ann Carter MaryAnnVuylsteke[at]
I don’t know who Jim is.  A. M. Laney was Asa Minor Laney born 17 dec 1836 Henry co Ga to Phillip Laney and Elizabeth Wade.  They moved up to Winston Co., Miss after 1840 but never appear on a census record there until after Philip dies in 1868 his wife Elizabeth is finally in one in her sons household.  Asa married Nancy R. Brewer 6 may 1856 in Winston Co so they were there   before then.  He had a brother maried in Winston before this 1853.
Philip and Elizabeth buried two children in Henry /Campbell Co., Georgia Dec 1841.  Asa and Nancy had four children the last one after he was in service Asa Minor Jr was born 9 july 1864.  I have a copy of a letter  Asa sent to his brother  O D. Laney Aug 13th 1864 near Atlanta, Ga.  Talking about how he can’t wait to get home to see his new son.  I can send you a copy of this if interested in exchange for the picture.  He was a private 5th Ms Inf Co F (Winston Rifles).  Do you have a book available on the battle of Franklin?  I would love to find out what other battles he fought in, who his commanding officer was. Joseph Comfort Captain, Enterprise, Ms–Sam Faucett 1st Lt.  I have also been interested in the Civil War area.  Sure glad I didn’t live then.  Don’t see how any man came out of it alive they way they fought back then.  Asa had a brother in law  William McElroy killed at Chattonooga 21 August 1863 private Winston Rifles.  Nancy Brewer Laney had a brother David Jefferson/Jeff Brewer  killed or died from wounds Pensacola, Fl.  He was also a private in 5th Miss Co., F (Winston Rifles) I guess this tells me a little they were in Pensacola, Fl but don’t know when, Chattonooga, Tenn in 1863 and Franklin by 1864.  My husband had other great grandfathers who fought in the War.  He had a great grandfather Robert Forrester  died from wounds at the battle of Cornith–Hatchie Bridge   died 15 oct 1862 Holly Springs, Ms.  He was in Co C 8th Bat’n Arkansas Inf. Private. He was under Cabell’s brigade.  He left two small daughters for his wife to raise.  She remarried but Nancy Brewer Laney never did.
Richard Hanan McKay another Ms great grandfather rode with Forrest Calvary casually Co 1 5th Miss
William Patterson McGee 11Miss Cav  Perrine’s Regt
Thank you for your help
Mary Ann Carter
2118 Hwy AP
Catawissa, MO 63015  If you would like a copy of the letter please send me your address  thank you
Did you know they named a fort after Mervin? Fort Clark, after Lieutenant Colonel Mervin Clark, One hundred and eighty-third Ohio Infantry, killed in the battle of Franklin, Tenn., November 30, 1864. Mervin Clark, 17 years old when enlisted in June 1861, Field & Staff (Lt. Col.); killed at Franklin. Buried at Stone’s River National Cemetery. He is a relative of mine.
My name is Steve Radel from St. Louis & my great-grandfather was Samuel Maxfield who served with the 16th Kentucky Infantry at the Battle of Franklin.  I’ve been doing some research on the Battles at Franklin & Nashville in anticipation of my visit to the area on Sept 23-24.  I kind of stumbled across your website in the process &, although I haven’t been able to read all of the info yet, I’m amazed at your research & dedication to Civil War history. I just realized today the level of the intense fighting that Samuel must have been involved in at the Battle of Franklin, as it appears that he must have been involved with the heavy hand-to-hand combat that occurred near the Carter House.  I’m certainly gald that he came thru it alive, as my grandfather was not born until 7 years after the war was over.Please add my name to your list of descendants of the battle.  I’m very interested in learning more about the history of the battle & will be surely visiting the Carter House when I’m in the area.Thanks for all of your work in preserving the history of the Civil War. Steve Radel
I have copies of discharge papers and a discharage certificate for my gggrandfather:  Corporal Oregon C Taylor of Captain William T Ogle’s (?) Company H (?), 8th Regiment of the Iowa Cavalry.  The discharge papers are dated Aug 13, 1865 at Macon, GA.  I have a photos of him but none in uniform. I am still trying to get more information on him and two other ancestors who fought…
Jenny Wakefield

I ran across your Battle of Franklin web site this evening and was interested in the regimental history that’s included there.  My great grandfather, Abner (“Ab”) Richard Smutz, served in the 8th Iowa Cav.  Details concerning his service appear below.  He had a brother, David, who also served in the unit.

My questions:

1)  Is there a way to confirm that Abner fought in the Battle of Franklin?  I’m assuming he did, but don’t know for sure.

2)  I have wondered about the various ranks of Corporal held by my grandfather and included in the summary below.  Do you know where one might find more information on this subject?

Thanks and all the best,

Darryl Smutz, Sandy Hook, Virginia


One thought on “Recent emails from Battle of Franklin descendants

  1. Just a quick note about the post asking if there was a way to tell if their ancestor was in the battle of Franklin. I have seen company papers (22nd Mississippi) that had a list of battles along with check marks for those who were present. You might check your state archives to see what records exist.

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