Part Two: Interview with producer-directors of forthcoming documentary – Heading Back Home

Why did you choose the story of the unknown soldier?

Jodi and I moved to Franklin in the summer of 2008.  We had been living on the northern California coast, and as beautiful as it was, we knew we wanted to live in the south, where Jodi’s from. We quickly narrowed our choices to Charlotte and Nashville.  I’ll never forget when we were in the decision-making process and we drove into downtown Franklin for the first time.  Jodi almost cried, and said right away ‘This is it!’  We were so taken by the charm and beauty of downtown that we knew this was the place we wanted to call home.  Now that we’re here, we’re in Williamson County to stay.

It honestly took the discovery of the soldier ten months later for us to really grasp what had happened here in November 1864.  I think 90% of people who live here are the same way we were; they know something happened here, but probably don’t know how significant it was, and why the Battle of Franklin deserves such a prominent place in history.  So when the soldier was found, we saw a real opportunity to tell the battle’s story with a contemporary hook.  I was in Arizona on business, sitting by my brother’s pool, when Jodi called me and told me he’d been found less than a mile from our house.  That hits home.  We knew right away that this was a story we wanted to tell; not just to give the unknown soldier his due, but to tell the story of the Battle of Franklin in a way that everyone will be able to understand and relate to, but more importantly, be emotionally moved by.

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