Part One: Interview with producer-directors of forthcoming documentary – Heading Back Home

What is the title of the film?

Heading Back Home: The Story of Franklin’s Unknown Soldier and the Five Bloodiest Hours of the Civil War

Coming up with a name was extremely difficult.  The breakthrough came from one of Franklin’s most talented musicians.  Michael Bonagura (from the country group Bailey and the Boys) expressed interest in this project early on, and ended up writing an amazing song that you’ll hear exclusively in HBH.  The title?  Yep, Im Headin Back.  Once we heard it, Jodi and I just looked at each other like ‘That’s it!’  The song is told from the perspective of a Rebel soldier walking home from somewhere to the north after the war is over.  It’s sung by Michael’s dear friend Lizard, whose folksy and unassuming voice is absolutely perfect for it.  It’s just a beautiful piece of music, and we consider ourselves so lucky that Michael was so touched by the story of Franklin’s unknown that he wanted to contribute to  this project.  There’s also another original song by Louise Mosrie that we hope to use for the closing credits. It’s the story of the battle told through one of the Carter children hiding in the basement, and it’s absolutely stunning.  These two songs are treasures.


Filmmakers and Franklin residents, Brian and Jodi Speciale


One thought on “Part One: Interview with producer-directors of forthcoming documentary – Heading Back Home

  1. This sounds like an astounding piece of work. I’m anxious to obtain a copy of the documentary. When will it be available? One of my personal heroes (Ge. Cleburne) fell there, as did many other brave souls. I’ve always been fascinated by the conflict, and wanted to visit Franklin, though at my age and state of income, I probably never will. This may be as close as I can get to a visit there.

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