20th TN Confederate flag to be restored

Ronnie Mancrum is with the 20th TN SCV camp. He announced today – June 6th, 2010 – that the original 20th TN Infantry regimental flag was recently sent off for restoration.  It will cost about $45,000 to restore the silken flag, taking about seven months.


3 thoughts on “20th TN Confederate flag to be restored

  1. Although your endeavor is comendable, as a past (6 term) Preservation Chairman of the South Florida CWRT, I would have suggested obtaining a reproduction of the 20th Tn Battle Flag (historical reproduction battle flags have the researched size, grade and color of silk and stiching, the precise lettering, the correct pole, finial, and tassels and the correctly lettered, tarred cloth case). There are companys that offer these items in the $3500 range. Then I would have suggested sending $40,000 to Franklins Charge (which would set the ghosts of the 20th Tn Rgmt to bone rattling delight). And lastly, keeping the $1500 as seed money for your next preservation endeavor (or Bourbon salute to your forebearers) ! – DDC

  2. Just found the website..enjoyed the information and video clip.My great grandfather(joe fox) was a private in the 20th,and lost an arm in Ga.His brother(Bryant) was also in the 20th and lost a leg at New Hope Church.My husband found the history of the 20th online and ordered the book(written by W.J. McMurray) and has enjoyed it thoroughly.I read the above comment about the reproduction flag..I just don’t think it would be as impressive as the real thing.I’d really like to see it in all it’s glory one day…

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