Union and Confederate Kentucky units both fought at Franklin


IV Corps

The 21st and 23rd KY fought in Kimball’s 1st Division, Witaker’s 2nd Div., alongside the 96th and 115th Illinois, the 25th Indiana, the 40th, 45th and 51st Ohios.

The 28th KY fought in Wagner’s 2nd Div., Lane’s 2nd Brigade, alongside the 100th Illinois, the 40th and 57th Indiana, the 26th and 97th Ohio.

The 1st KY battery was in Lyman Bridge’s Artillery unit, fighting with Bridge’s Illinois battery, Battery A, 1st Ohio light, Battery G, 1st Ohio light, 6th Ohio battery, Battery A, 20th Ohio light, Battery B, PA light, and Battery M, 4th US light.

23rd Corps

The 12th and 16th KY fought in Reilly’s 3rd Division, Reilley’s 1st Brigade, alongside the 100th, 104th, and 175th Ohio, and the 8th TN.

Cavalry Corps

The 4th Kentucky Mounted Infantry fought in the 1st Division, Croxton’s 1st Brigade, with the 8th Iowa, the 2nd MI and the 1st TN Cavalries.


The only Kentucky CSA units at Franklin were:

Buford’s Division, Crossland’s Brigade (all Kentuckians):

3rd KY Mounted Infantry
7th KY Mounted Infantry
8th KY Mounted Infantry
12th KY Cavalry
Huey’s Kentucky Battalion

2 thoughts on “Union and Confederate Kentucky units both fought at Franklin

  1. It was not the 12th Kentucky Mt. Inf. (C.S.A.) but the 12th Kentucky Cavalry, C.S.A.

    Kentucky Fatal Casualties at the Battle of Franklin:

    3rd Ky. Mt. Inf lost (1) Mortally Wounded
    7h Ky. Mt. Inf lost (1) killed (1) Mortally Wounded & Captured & (1) Mortally wounded
    8th Ky. Mt. Inf lost (3) killed and (1) Mortally wounded
    12th Ky. Cavalry lost (1) Mortally Wounded

    Tim Burgess

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