Franklin community recovers more battlefield land

Just two short years after reclaiming pristine battlefield property on the former Carter grounds, near the Cotton Gin (i.e., the Holt House property), Franklin’s Charge and the Civil War Preservation Trust have combined again to recover additional property right adjacent to the Holt property: it’s called the Fudge House and it currently sits on 111 Cleburne St in Franklin, right behind Dominoe’s Pizza. The property is costing $199,000. The house was built in the 1940s.

Long-terms plans by the preservation community is to move the Holt House and Fudge House so that the land can be restored to it’s battlefield look.  Preservationists also hope to eventually reclaim the land that is currently being used by Dominoes and a small strip retail establishment.

The Federal line went right through the back yard of the Fudge property. The 65th Indiana – Casement’s brigade – took the defensive position here, using repeating rifles, and a portion of the 6th Ohio battery also was placed on this piece of battlefield.

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The image below shows the broader battlefield layout with key modern-day buildings and homes.  In the lower right corner you can see the designation Cotton Gin location.  There are three structures in the image to the right of that.  The first structure is the newly acquired Fudge House.

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