65th Georgia flag – carried at Franklin – finds a new home

An authentic Confederate battle flag – the 65th Georgia – that was carried into several battles in the Western theater has found a permanent home, the Southern Museum of Civil War & Locomotive History in Kennesaw, Georgia. The flag has been in the Davis family, of whom Private John Davis, an ancestor, was one of the original bearers of the flag.

The flag has been restored and evidences over 40 bullet holes and even a bloodstain, probably that of one of the original color bearers.  The 65th Georgia colors would have been carried into several Confederate engagements for the Army of Tennessee, including the Battles of Resaca, New Hope Church/Dallas/Pickett’s Mill, Kennesaw Mountain, Peachtree Creek and Atlanta.

The 65th Georgia flag

Photo courtesy: Southern Museum of Civil War & Locomotive History

This exact flag was also carried into middle Tennessee and waived through the air during Hood’s famous charge upon the Federal earthworks at Franklin. It has both the unit and state designations sewn onto both sides, making it the only known one to exist for an Army of Tennessee flag. Private John Davis was the last color bearer to have the honor of carrying the flag into battle at Franklin.

“This is a very proud moment for the Southern Museum,” said Jeff Drobney, executive director of the Museum. “It’s a significant donation, and will surely become one of our most treasured displays, right up there with the General locomotive.”

Here is a picture of John Davis standing next to the flag in a late post-war photo.

The 65th’s flag. Notice the bullet holes.

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3 thoughts on “65th Georgia flag – carried at Franklin – finds a new home

  1. I found your article while researching a photograph for a friend. It shows two unknown men and the same flag in your story. I now identify private John Davis as the flag bearer. I sent the photo to Kraig McNutt for his comment.
    I am a member of the ACWRT Queensland Australia and editor of The Bugle.
    It is a bi monthly newsletter/research paper to help members in their research of the war. (Not for profit.)
    I am able to send PDF copies to interested parties.

    Robert E Taylor QSM
    Brig. Gen. CHC (retired)

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