Who has inspired you?

On our Facebook Group – FranklinMatters.com – we are answering this question below. Here are some responses so far. Join in the discussion with us.

For many of us, there have been key people who influenced us and inspired us to learn more about the ACW (e.., parent, teacher, friend, etc.). Pick one and tell everyone in the group who has been a key influence for you. Explain why.

The biggest influence on me has been author-historian Steve Woodworth. We became friends in 2004. He’s a first-rate historian and has served as a sounding board for me often. How about you?

Greg Piklapp
My dad, growing up when I visited him on weekends he kept his whole series of Civil War Time Life books in my room and I spent whole days just reading and asking questions on the whole War with him.

K Scott Mullins
My grandfather from Philadelphia. In 1969 he gave me a set of Britains, Confederates…been hooked on learning more ever since.

Cassandra Michelle Fisher
Dr Duane Smith’s civil war america class at fort lewis college

Harrison Bond
Forty something years ago when I was a kid my dad used to take me to Franklin on Saturday morning and give me the Civil War tour. I would imagine a lot of the places he showed me are no longer there. How sad. I loved it and remember it so well. I wish my dad was around to take me now!

Marsha Walton
finding out some of my ancestry from my grandparents of ancestors who fought in the War–most lived through it, one died in Battle in Arkansas. From then on I was hooked on how the War affected the lives of people who lived–soldier & civilian!

Rick Boone
It was a short-lived TV show that lasted less than two full seasons back in the mid-60s. It was called, I believe, “The Americans” and featured two brothers, Ben and Jeff Canfield, of whom the former fought on the Union side, while the latter joined the Confederates.

Jackie Fosdick Vohlken
My dad instilled the fascination for the Civil War, I was upset as a kid that there were no battlefields to visit in Michigan where I live. Then, Ken Burns documentary came along and bam, I was totally taken in…

Robert W. Spahr
As a former history teacher I can tell you it is much appreciated!

David Thomas
My dad. When we lived in West Tenn. he would take me to Shiloh, Donaldson, and Henry. Then we moved to Chattanooga and went to Chickamauga a lot. When I was in 4th grade he brought me my first Civil War book “Heros in Blue and Gray” and a bag of Civil War soldiers. That was it.

Tedra Powers Ulmer
My parents. My mom, who hated history, bought me some sort of kid’s version of the Time-Life books at the grocery store. (I know I have two volumes–one for 1862 with Antietam, and one for 1863 with Gettysburg) way back in the ’60’s. My dad took me to Mansfield Battlefield when I was four, then to an old church with a slave cemetery. I was hooked.

Linda Edwards
My grandma, she knew the Wallace Family and shared their family stories with me. The family were great supporters of Quantrill, Cole Younger and all the Boys who tried to take care of the Southerners in western Missouri.

Although, Grandma did not think much of my loyal feelings to the South, all of her family wore the blue……Grandma told mestories told, to her, by Mrs. Wallace and stories of The Quantrill Reunions held at Wallace Grove. I have always felt a kinship with William Clarke Quantrill. The Wallace Family had Quantrill’s picture over their fireplace. It was the picture used at the Reunions. Later they gave the picture to the Jackson County Historical group in Independence, MO. It is now at the 1859 Jail.

These are great stories. I got to host a living Civil War son – Harold Becker – in my home last October. I was able to bring a true Union and CSA son together (both in their 90s) for a reunion. I blogged on it: https://battleoffranklin.wordpress.com/category/reburial/

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