Early life for Jesse Cox (c. 1810)

Jesse Cox, c. 1870s

Jesse Cox was born July 19, 1793 in Sullivan County, TN. He was the oldest of six children. His father was Greenberry Cox (1760-1894) and was born in Maryland.  The Cox family moved to Davidson County – for the second time – in October 1803 but Jesse’s father would die in 1804, leaving Jesse the ‘man of the house’ at age 11, with five other younger siblings.

In 1812, at age 18, Jesse was drafted into the military to serve in War of 1812 engagements, serving alongside Andrew Jackson.  Cox’s unit fought in the Creek Indian battles in northern Alabama. Military records show that Jesse attained the rank of 3rd sgt while serving in the mounted rifleman unit.

Cox fought against the Creek Indians at the battle of Enotochopco (or Enitochopco) on January 24, 1814; the American soldiers were almost overrun by the Indians. Had that happened, Andrew Jackson, one of the soldiers, would have been killed.

On January 18th, 1816, Jesse married Elizabeth Jane Brown. The couple bought a sizeable amount of land four miles southeast of Franklin (Williamson County) in 1820.

More coming soon on Jesse Cox, including details about his son who fought for the 1st TN Infantry, Co.D.

One thought on “Early life for Jesse Cox (c. 1810)

  1. I am not sure Jesse is the son of Greenberry. When Greeenberry died in 1804, he names his two minor children, Thomas and Lidia. Jesse would have been a minor in 1804 but was not mentioned in the will. I suspect Jesse is a nephew since a number of William Cox’s sons migrated to Sullivan County at the same time.

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